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Sid Valley Radio Sponsorship

In the 21st Century, the potential for advertising one's business is vast. From old-fashioned print to social media marketing the options are seemingly limitless and, with the advent of potentially free online channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, paid-for marketing packages for TV, radio and online have been forced to lower prices. While TV advertising may still be beyond the reach of most small businesses, there are still some attractive deals to be had by turning attention to regional and local radio.In the UK, we listen to an inordinate amount of radio, even though we may not realise it. We wake up to it, drive to it, work to it, play to it, bathe and shower to it, and even go to sleep to it. Accordingly, radio has become an increasingly powerful marketing medium. If you’re considering this route, you’re not the only one. More and more companies are turning to radio advertising to reach these burgeoning captive audiences. Radio advertising influences us all whether we realise it or not. We have all bought products or services, consciously or subconsciously as a result of hearing an advertisement on the radio. Radio advertising can be produced to fit any company’s marketing budget or reach any target audience you choose. More and more stations are targeting their broadcasting to highly specific audiences, be it young, male or female, sport fans, seniors, aficionados of classical, pop, jazz or nostalgia music. Radio can be used to reach any possible demographic audience.

Sponsorship v Advertising

Without revenue coming from advertising/sponsorship all Community radio (and many of the big commercial stations) can not exist. Unlike many stations Sid Valley Radio will not be running advertising throughout their shows but with sponsors messages placed every 20 minutes through a 1 hour slot. So only one sponsors messages will be heard through out the sponsored hour. For example:

  • At the top of the hour news and weather ( sponsored individually).
  • Sponsors Message up to one minute
  • Music
  • At 20 minutes Sponsors message.
  • Music
  • At 40 minutes Sponsors message
  • Before top of the hour Sponsors message.

For an additional fee the daily weather can be sponsored which is repeated from Station start to Station close. This typically will be 8am to Midnight.

Why should I Sponsor a show on Sid Valley radio?

Used appropriately, radio advertising/sponsorship is an effective method of reaching a target demographic. You can choose age, ethnic, or socioeconomic groups, without the use of expensive visual media. With the right stimulus, the ‘theatre of the mind’ will create imagery that is far superior to that of print or television.

Radio advertising/sponsorship doesn’t require the subject’s full attention in the same way that television does. Radio advertising/sponsorship can be in many ways almost subliminal and this is one of the major advantages of the medium.

It is true that radio advertising/sponsorship doesn’t have the same brand building power as television but, used in tandem with a robust marketing campaign, it can prove extremely profitable.

Sid valley Radio has the potential to reach over 25000 listeners locally and as the station is on line potentially many any more. Let them know about your goods and services and special offers.

Sponsor Your Business on Sid Valley Radio.

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