Sid Valley Radio

Community Radio, For the Community, By the Community


The station is run with the help of volunteers for all areas of its operation. Can you spare a few hrs a week?

a) Presenters. It is hoped that people from all walks of life and skill levels will be part of the presentation team. There is to be no upper age limit but it is recommended that a lower age limit of 16 be adopted. All training staff are to be cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). It is also hoped that people with disabilities will take up the chance of presenting and a suitable office location has been found to facilitate this.

b) Engineers. To look after the complex operation of the system. As we move to each new phase more difficult problems will be presented especially when configuring for a Restricted FM License and relays to DAB transmitters.

c) Administration. This position is the heart of the station, as without it the station would grind to a halt. These duties would include:

  • Maintaining playlists
  • Setting schedules
  • Looking after requests
  • Keeping track of the listener hours and filing the monthly licensing return to the Performing Right Society (PRS)

d) Media Creation. For the station to run successfully musical adverts, sweepers and station indents are needed. It is hoped to do this as a joint venture with Sidmouth College’s Media studies group to allow young people to express themselves in a creative way that benefits their confidence, the station and community.
It is also intended to look at video creation for publication on “You Tube”. This is especially useful when visitors arrive at the station and bands come and play sets during Folk Week and other live streaming events.

e) Sales. People visiting business premises and selling the Sid Valley Concept.

f) Web Administrators. It is important that the station keeps its virtual presence up to date. Whilst it is acknowledged that many people can create a web space using templates for simple tasks, it is important that developers utilize new technology to keep up with current trends as this will keep the interest of visitors longer than the average four seconds before logging off.

Equal opportunity 

Sid Valley Radio is committed to Equal Opportunities across the entire volunteer base. Anyone offering his or her time to assist in the running of the station will be given full encouragement no matter what his or her situation or disability. The only requirement for presenters would be to show a level of competency, desire to succeed and to entertain.